Plum Consignment (Beverly)


We opened Plum for selfish reasons. Simply put, we love shopping.  And we love the thrill of consignment shopping - finding great deals on stuff other people paid full price for. But here’s what we don’t love –all the shenanigans that often come with it: having to muscle through nine fashion DON’Ts (Are those acid wash culottes?) before you find one DO, smelly clothes, stained clothes, clothes that you’re pretty sure your mom wore in the 80’s, clothes strewn about next to the hangers but not on them, dust bunnies, dust other-animals, and racks packed so tight, you have to be She-Ra to browse them.  And since we couldn’t find a place that had the vibe we wanted, we created Plum. 

At Plum, you’ll find impeccably organized industrial-style racks, with plenty of room to browse. Our stylish, clean, affordable collection of clothing, handbags, jewelry and shoes will make you feel like you’re shopping a cool boutique, but without the high prices that usually go with it. We think shopping should give you the same triumphant rush we imagine Vivian Ward had when she went back to that shop on Rodeo Drive and asked the snooty saleswoman if she worked on commission. (And for the record, our very un-snooty salespeople do not.) And you won’t even need Richard Gere’s credit card to be able to afford it.


Why consign with Plum?

It’s easy! 
We offer a no-fuss consignment period of 60 days. If any of your items don’t sell within the 60 days, you have the option to take them back (we even gather up your unsold items for you with 48 hours notice).  

Clothes don’t need to be specific labels or designers or have recently been worn in New York Fashion Week, but please keep in mind current trends and understand that we may not take every single item you bring in to consign. For more information on consigning with us click here.

It’s easy money!
You‘ll get 40% of the sales price in the form of store credit or a check.  You can use your store credit as soon as an item sells, and you’ll get 10% off everything (excluding sale items) you purchase using store credit. We do our best to help your stuff sell with frequent social media postings (on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram) with photos of our daily “top picks”. With thousands of followers, most of the items that we post online sell that very same day and many sell within the first hour. 


Why shop at Plum?

Shop at Plum because you have great style, great taste, and the great sense not to pay full price. 

Shop at Plum because you think shopping should be relaxing and enjoyable, rather than a workout of digging through smelly bins and sloppy, overstuffed racks.

Shop at Plum because you love shopping. We put out new, carefully selected items everyday, play low-key music, and keep the store comfortable for the optimal shopping experience. 

Shop at Plum because it’s “hip, affordable, [and] beautifully maintained”. (Thanks, Annie from Beverly, we think you’re hip and beautifully maintained, too.)